At The Feel Good Club, the focus is on YOU, both INSIDE and OUT.
We help you, to help yourself Access, Utilise and Champion the Skills, Knowledge and Connections you need to...#MYLA. MAKE-YOUR-LIFE-AMAZING

Our members, or Clubmates as we like to call them, are currently a floating community who receive invites to attend the pop up events we orchestrate. These ‘pop ups’ have proven to be...well, POPULAR!

Clubmates now await the complete package; A permanent space offering fitness, hair & beauty, food, educational workshops and most importantly, our Unique Selling Point - The Feel Good Club ‘Fulfilment’. This secret ingredient is the key to our success, how we maintain positive, mutually beneficial relationships with Clubmates, and create a unique environment where Clubmates engage face to face; networking in the new Feel Good Club way.


Fitness at The Feel Good Club plays a key role in the sustainability model and in the wellbeing of our Clubmates.
Our fitness ethos is simple: Here to be Happy.
The Workouts designed by our Founder - Body, Mind and Soul Coach, The Mancunian Motivator - are an Out of this World, fully Immersive Experience designed to let Clubmates lose their inhibitions, improve their overall health and see that Fitness can be Fun!

We have 3 Concepts. Centred around Colours and Energy.

- PLAY -
Our most High Intensity Workout and yet our most Playful.
Don’t believe us - ask the DJ!

A Boxing based workout that gives you everything you need to feel and look like a Champ!

Yoga & Pyjamas, combined. What’s not to love? This unique, multi sensory, no stress sesh aims to strengthen, stretch and balance you before bedtime.

(Forgot your Pyjamas? Fear not- we have our super comfy FGC set available to purchase)

Welcome to Life's Playground - Leave your Adult at the door!


The long term plan for The Feel Good Club is to spread our roots across the UK, with a Clubhouse in each major city. The short term goal is to open the first Clubhouse within Essex by the end of this year. Time and Financial investment is something we value in equal measure, we are therefore now open to help from the following:

1. Feel Good Funders
Are you an Investor? Angel? Or Generous Individual with business acumen? If so, we wanna know.
Click here to connect.

2. Feel Good Friends
Are you looking for volunteer work within the community which will directly help you and those around you. If so, say ‘Hello’. We love to connect with new people.
Click here to connect, and a dedicated member of our team will holler back at ya!

Now you’ve read our story, it’s time we heard yours....
The Feel Good Club; a Physical solution to Mental Health.

See you in the Club!